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Free Estimate in Jefferson City: (573) 636-5642

Let us help you with all your gardening needs!

  • Design and plant seasonal color arrangements
  • Provide weed and pest control services for commercial and residential properties
  • Plant perennial gardens, and small shrubs
  • Maintain plant health through pruning and fertilizing
  • Commercial interiorscape maintenance

Fore More Information please call 573-636-5642


How much are your services?

We charge $48 an hour, plus product and materials

What are your service schedule options?

We  have bi-monthly, monthly, and seasonal options

When should I start services?

Right away! Depending on your needs, we might not start the work right away, but you’ll want to get on the list as early as possible.

When should I fertilize my landscape?

We usually recommend fertilizing with a granular fertilizer in early spring (February-early April.) But you can fertilize all summer until fall as long as you water it in afterwards.

When should I prune my shrubs?

That will depend on your shrubs. A couple of good rules of thumb are

1) For flowering shrubs, prune immediately after flowering is complete.

2) For evergreens, lightly prune anytime, but save your heavy prunings for cold weather (December- March)

Why are maintenance services important?

Think of it like baking a layer cake. You have your cake (the landscape), and your filling (the lawn), but to bring it all together and make it look great, you need a crumb coat (weed control), you need icing (plant healthcare), and of course the decorations (beautiful flowers). It all works together to create a landscape you can enjoy for years to come!

Our very own Haley Weis, Gardening Services Manager, was featured in HER Magazine. Click HERE to read the article