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Bulk Landscape Material - Call If Interested!

Bulk Landscape Material - We can deliver


  • Sold by the HEAPING bucket scoop!
  • Sold at half or full cubic yard scoops
  • *1 scoop covers ~100 sq ft, 3-4″ deep
  • *1 scoop weighs 600-800 lbs.
  • In peak season we carry:
    • Pine, Cedar, Double Ground Oak, Brown, Red and Black Dyed Mulch

Natural Stone

  • Sold per pound
  • Flagstone, Edgers, drywall stone, boulders, cobblers and river flats available

Decorative Stone

  • Sold by half or full cubic yard scoop
  • *1 scoop covers ~ 100 sq ft, 2-3″ deep
  • *1 scoop weighs around 2300 lbs
  • Varieties Include: Multi-Colored Rainbow,  Alabama Sunset, Gray trap, Pioneer Creek
  • **Weed barrier also available for purchase

Plants, Soil, Decor and More

Chiminea and Planter Pots

  • Authentic from Mexico
  • Bring the campfire to your back porch with this unique clay Chiminea.

Soils and Shrubs

  • Soils in bulk: Screened Top Soil that we keep covered, Compost and Compost garden mix
  • Shrubs: Hosta, Hydrangea, daylilly, butterfly bush, drift rose, Mums, ornamental grasses and evergreen trees
  • Selection may vary

Landscape Materials

  • 1″ clean limestone gravel
  • Base (crushed) gravel
  • Sand
  • Red Sunset
  • Black Granite
  • Iowa Glacial

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