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Pet Containment

Protect your pets and gain peace of mind

Everyone on our pet containment team is a pet lover who relishes their role in helping to keep your pet safe. All-n-One offers its valued customers the “Best Fence You’ll Never See” — Pet Stop®.

It is a hidden electronic pet containment system that protects the beauty and open space of your yard while keeping your pets happy, healthy and safe at home.

Only Pet Stop is 100% USA made. We provide Pet Stop UltraCare, the best warranty in the business and GentleSteps™, an entirely gentle training program for your pets.

Ready to improve the safety of your family's best friend and Go All-n On Your Outdoors? Contact us today!

Our 4-step Installation Process

Bury the boundary wire in the location where it will work best.

Install the Pet Stop signal transmitter in a convenient location.

Fit and program your pet’s receiver based on its breed/disposition.

Train your pet so it is properly and gently introduced to new system.

We also offer the following:

  • Remote Trainers
  • Indoor Wireless Systems
  • In-ground Fence
  • Replacement Battery Programs
  • Bluetooth Rechargeable Receivers

Product Compatibility:

  • Invisible Fence
  • Dog Watch
  • Pet Safe

Frequently Asked Pet Containment Questions

Do you offer indoor systems?

Yes. We offer a wire or wireless system for indoor use for both cats and dogs.

Does Pet Stop with work cats?

Yep! We have one of the most effective systems on the market for both cats and dogs.

Can Pet Stop handle multiple pets and containment needs?

Sure. No limit to the number of pets contained within a single system.

What if I move? Can I take my system with me?

Of course. Take your transmitter and receiver with you. At your new home, we will just need to install the in-ground wire boundary.

Are the receivers water-resistant?

Pet Stop receivers are resistant to moisture so it’s okay to keep it on them while they get a bath or if they get wet in the rain or swimming.

First let me say I never do reviews...good or bad. As a person who owns an Internet Marketing Company I know that in most cases reviews are of little to no value. That said I am breaking my own rule to send you this review because this is one time I feel it's worth it. We recently installed the Pet Stop pet containment system for our new dog. This is our 4th underground fence over the years at four different locations and, therefore, are very familiar with this system and would highly recommend it to anyone. That said, this installation was far different than all the others. It contained challenges far beyond the "normal" installations. Containing a full size Australian Sheppard on property containing 3 acres of trees, a major drainage ditch, a culvert issue and over 150 ft. of waterfront (and wanting the dog to access that water!) was...well... frankly I wasn't sure it could be done. WRONG...! As you know the first installation didn't go so well. But then a personal visit by you and Tom (the owner) gave me some confidence that it could be done. Then came Chad and Clint to "redo" some of the earlier installation. All I can say is, WOW, they were great. No challenge was to big for them. Their attitude was, "No matter what we are going to make this work". Rarely have I seen such personal dedication to ensuring a customer is satisfied as they exhibited. And...rarely have I seen such dedication to quality work here at the lake as they exhibited. They both showed extreme personal interest in both my needs and wants as well as what was best for my dog. And...I must's the first time I have had work done here at the lake that, as employees, they actually cared about the company they worked for and took pride in working for the company...but at the same time put my satisfaction above everything else...!!! I cannot tell you how grateful I am for everyone's personal involvement and particularly the work done by Chad and Clint. As a footnote....I have owned several businesses myself as well as having a corporate career where I was responsible for more than 2,000 employees. Had Chad and Clint worked for me I am pretty sure I would have only needed 1,500 employees. That's how dedicated, skilled and committed they both are. Thanks for all your help in this very difficult installation. works perfectly! And trust me...if the Pet Stop underground fence can be installed successfully on this property...I can guarantee it can be installed on anyone's property.

CD, Camdenton, MO,